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Congrats on 00-Skye #3. I'm doing a chronical of its development. I would enjoy your input.

Sam Richards

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Hi Sam-- I will add picts and updates here in this thread. Richard said he would come on ang give updates thrughout the next several bradcasts, We'll see.


Please your build pictures here as, well


Once build, I suggest you, me, and Eric meet somewhere in the middle and play our Skyes. 

Hi Matt,


What a great (though somewhat daunting) idea. That would have to be Hawaii?? :-)


I had a brief reply to an email that Eric was madly practicing for NAMM. I'd love to be there but, as a consolation, look forward to events on video.


Thank you for your referral to Carolyn. She was most gracious and mentioned that my Skye was drying and looked

beautiful. I guess I'm getting quite excited now that Christmas festivities are over and I have time to dream.


One technical question, what brand and gauge of strings will you be using on yours? I have Eric's preferred

string recorded somewhere. From memory it's a D'Addario something-16. I'll send it along in an email,

once retrieved.


Christmas was low-key but I did receive a jazz study book by Barry Galbraith entitiled, Guitar Comping #3.

I am a tab man and will have to dig to get back with standard notation. The arrangements are cool and the

cd provides a good incentive. It is quite a way above my current standard, but should fill in a few blank

spots down the track.


Another recent find of a more basic nature has been Desi Serna's book on Fretboard Theory. I guess I'm

a sucker for guitar books and good arrangements.


Hope your New Year is a beauty.






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